Impact Report

2020 in review

from Pastor Bobby

2020 was a year of "Unprecedented" events!  In fact, we even did a series with that title.  It was a year that held disappointment, fear, and hurt for many people.  But we also saw God's hand of faithfulness as we walked through each trial.  In spite of shutting our doors for 13 weeks, we were still able to proclaim his Word, make His name famous, and stay connected with you and those in our community.  We found creative ways to engage with children, students, families, and individuals and were able to help provide for those in our community more than ever.  In June, we opened the doors of our Sherwood Campus and have seen God continue to change lives as we celebrated 2 Baptisms there.  Because of your faithfulness, we were able to continue to do what God has called us to!  We are confident that God will continue to show Himself faithful as we continue to trust His hand!

This report highlights some great numbers and figures from the past year, but even more meaningful are the stories of life-change you’ll see that show the true impact behind those numbers. I wish we could tell every story, because every story is important. The stories inside put on display the “why” behind what we do week in and week out. Our prayer is that these will impact you in a major way and that you’ll understand the role you can play in seeing people come to know Jesus in 2021.

What you're about to read is another example of the favor of God in our church and I can't wait to see what He's going to do next. We are excited about the changes coming in the next few months that will allow us to share the dangerous message of Jesus Christ with more people and take care of our volunteers. It's going to be another year of great change as we continue to engage people! I pray we never lose focus of the most important thing – the gospel. Thanks for all you do!

Pastor Bobby

Engaging people in the process of knowing Jesus Christ.

What we Learned

2020 Series Overview
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New years bring fresh starts that we are all thankful for. As we look through the gospel of Mark, we will see how we can start our year on track by living intentionally.
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God has given Journey a specific identity and calling as a part His church. We believe that God has called us to surrender to His word and its life-changing power, love our neighbors and welcome them home, encourage one another to take next steps, and practice extravagant generosity for the sake of His kingdom. This is who we are.
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God relates His love for the Church to a marriage between a bride and groom. Marriage takes work, but it is worthy work. God teaches us how to create and grow life-giving relationships through the ups and downs of life through His word.
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Jesus came to earth to give us life to the fullest and invites us, common people, to live blessed lives that are rewarding and pleasing to God. Jesus shares the compassionate heart of God with us through the Sermon on the Mount.
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To say that the times we have lived through are unprecedented would be an understatement. Though we were not expecting the trials that we have faced, God has never been caught by surprise. In fact, He uses unique and challenging times to bring people closer to Him. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus worked through unprecedented circumstances to bring hope and healing to those who needed miracles to be worked in their lives.
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Hymns have been sung in church gatherings for many generations. The stories behind the hymns that we sing are full of rich history and honest, humble faith. Throughout this series, we learn from the proclamations of dependence, faith, and praise of God in songs like Give Me Jesus, Ain’t No Grave, It Is Well, Come Thou Fount, and Amazing Grace.
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We all have struggles, secrets, and sins that we hide from others. We have past hurts and pains that we hide in the darkness. God longs for us to shine a light in these places and take the mask off so that we can stop hiding who we are. When we take the mask off, we find freedom. God invites us to have integrity so that we can have intimacy with Him.
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We revisit the four core values of Journey and look at who we are as a part of Christ’s church and how we love, surrender, encourage, and give as a community.
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There’s just something about classic Christmas movies that make us feel nostalgic and make us feel at home. Classic Christmas movies can also teach us a lot about ourselves and about God. Throughout this series, we look at clips from Elf, The Polar Express, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, and Rudolf and find a relation to God’s word and His instructions for our lives.
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Life-change happens when people encounter Jesus Christ.

Ministry wins

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Night to Shine

Impact Numbers

Total Weekly Impact*
On Campus Attendance
kids and adults
Online Attendance
weekly average
*Total Weekly Impact: average attendance from all weekly services and events

Financial Breakdown

At Journey, we take great care to create and implement policies and procedures to ensure the highest standard of stewardship with our finances. We set an annual budget from which we maintain day-to-day business expenses and ministry opportunities within the areas we believe God has called us to reach. From our in-house staff to our finance team and core leaders, we are constantly striving to maintain a level of excellence and become even better stewards of the funds with which we’ve been entrusted.

2020 was a year that tested our principles on what was important at Journey. Thankfully, the people of Journey continued to be extravagant givers. Even though the building of the church was shut down for services, the mission of God never stopped. Journey was able to pivot in new ministry areas to provide for the people of our community and beyond. While we didn’t get to do everything we wanted, we looked for where God was working and tried to join.

In 2021, we will continue the same principles. Looking for ministries and relationships that we can continue to work with while adding new missions that God is working in.

Total Budget for 2020 (Budget vs Actual)
$2,240,126 vs $2,206,499

Actual Spending

90% - $1,413,865 vs $1,273,237 (salaries only)
101% - $149,750 vs $151,803 (bldg + utilities) *over due to covid precautions
72% - $88,890 vs $63,561 (discipleship + discretionary + volunteers)
Journey Sherwood
58% - $287,387 vs $166,534 *late start due to covid
71% - $114,283 vs $80,863 *limited access during covid
90% - $73,560 vs $66,112