Impact Report

2019 in review

from Pastor Bobby

What a year 2019 was! When we dedicate ourselves to God’s mission in our community, we see life-change take place. We've witnessed hundreds of people taking Next Steps, and as a church we are taking big steps to see the kingdom of God expand through our Sherwood campus. God has seen fit to use our church in this community to make His name famous, and we are so glad you have chosen to join us in that mission.  We have continually seen God’s faithfulness as we carry out what He has called us to do, and we are confident that He will show Himself faithful to you as you continue to trust Him.

This report highlights some great numbers and figures from the past year, but even more meaningful are the stories of life-change you’ll see that show the true impact behind those numbers. I wish we could tell every story, because every story is important. The stories inside put on display the “why” behind what we do week in and week out. Our prayer is that these will impact you in a major way and that you’ll understand the role you can play in seeing people come to know Jesus in 2020.

What you're about to read is another example of the favor of God in our church and I can't wait to see what He's going to do next. We are excited about the changes coming in the next few months that will allow us to share the dangerous message of Jesus Christ with more people and take care of our volunteers. It's going to be another year of great change as we continue to engage people! I pray we never lose focus of the most important thing – the gospel. Thanks for all you do!

Pastor Bobby

Engaging people in the process of knowing Jesus Christ.

What we Learned

2019 Series Overview
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As we kicked off the year, we set the tone for what we want to look like as a church. Instead of asking for more of anything, we want to look more like Jesus.
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Jesus died so that we could have freedom, but so many times we live as though we are still prisoners to our past, our circumstances, and our sin. In this series, we take some time to discover what true freedom in Christ looks like.
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A strong, healthy foundation is necessary for living a Christian life that stands the test of time. What truths make up the unshakable foundation of our faith?
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It's easy to get caught up in the idea that to be effective in sharing our faith, we have to reach the masses. In this evangelism series, we talk about how focusing on "the one" can make all the difference.
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Many times we can look around at our situations and feel overwhelmed, thinking that it will be impossible to overcome. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus showed Himself to be the God of the impossible, and we can look to Him in our overwhelming circumstances.
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More often than not, we feel as though we don't have enough: enough time, enough money, enough in our relationships. During His time on earth, Jesus proved Himself to be more than enough for His followers both then and now.
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During the summer we walked through all 9 fruit of the Spirit, seeing how each one impacts our lives in different ways.
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Life can sometimes feel like a complicated series of steps leading to where we want, or don't want, to be. In this series, we use popular board games as a launching pad for discovering God's will for our lives.
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During the NINE/30, we took a close look at Psalm 139. We asked God to "search us and know our hearts" so that we could become closer to Him.
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Sometimes the Bible feels like a collection of small, disconnected stories. In reality, it's one grand story that leads to one place: Jesus!
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We took a look at what Jesus calls the two greatest commandments: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Doing these can completely change the world!
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The concept of light is seen throughout the story of the Bible. In this series, we track the idea of light and how at the end of it all, Jesus is the true light that leads us home.
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Life-change happens when people encounter Jesus Christ.

Ministry wins

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Night to Shine

Impact Numbers

Total Weekly Impact*
On Campus Attendance
kids and adults
Online Attendance
weekly average
*Total Weekly Impact: average attendance from all weekly services and events

Financial Breakdown

At Journey, we take great care to create and implement policies and procedures to ensure the highest standard of stewardship with our finances. We set an annual budget from which we maintain day-to-day business expenses and ministry opportunities within the areas we believe God has called us to reach. From our in-house staff to our finance team and core leaders, we are constantly striving to maintain a level of excellence and become even better stewards of the funds with which we’ve been entrusted.

2019 was an absolutely incredible year! We watched life-change take place as we baptized over 100 people, we began work on our new campus in South Augusta, and we took part in an incredible night that celebrated those in our community with special needs.

God has proven Himself faithful and continuously shows up opportunities where we, as a church, can take our Next Steps. As we move into 2020, we want to continue to be good stewards of the financial gifts that you, and ultimately God, entrust us with. We are so excited to watch God continue to move and use Journey in our community and throughout the world.

Total Budget for 2019

Actual Spending

51% – $1.32M
17% – $499K
10% – $258K
Journey Sherwood
8% – $258K
6% – $154K
3% – $70K
Our final spending for the year was $2,465,473, putting us spending 5% under budget for 2019 while still accomplishing all that God called us to throughout the year.