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Ashley Syria

"After unexpectedly losing my Dad 5 months ago, I fell into a deep depression that I thought I could and would never climb out of. I was angry, confused, devastated, and nothing seemed to matter anymore. A few months after his passing, my church (Journey) announced they would be hosting their first GriefShare group for people who were experiencing the grief of losing a loved one. I was hesitant, reluctant and scared for many reasons and didn't believe it could help me. I tried to make every excuse not to go because I didn't want to deal with the pain of the grief. I wanted to keep pretending this wasn't real. Ultimately, I couldn't ignore the feeling that God was giving me this opportunity at the time I needed it the most. And honestly, I had no other options.I couldn't continue to feel like I was alone and drowning.

For the past 3 months I have attended GriefShare every single Tuesday night, even when I didn't want to. Was it hard? Yes, but words could never accurately describe what this class has done for me or how it has forever changed me as a person. This class has forced me to face my grief head on and helped me realize that I am not crazy for feeling the way I do. It has answered so many questions and given me essential tools to help me move forward with my life. It has taught me that I will never be the same person after losing my Dad and that's ok. Most importantly, GriefShare has helped me slowly climb out of that depression that I never, ever thought I could get over. I'm not as angry and things have started to matter again. Am I still sad? Absolutely, my heart will forever be broken. Do I still cry? Yes, but not as much. I am now learning how to cope with this devastating loss and how to manage the pain to make it more bearable."




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