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Short-term groups, long-term impact.


Berry Harmon

"Participating in the SHAPE class last year was a great experience that provided some clarity to what my life’s purpose SHOULD be as opposed to what I perceived it COULD be.

I was always under the impression that my abilities and gifts were one in the same. The SHAPE class helped me understand what the differences were between a gift and an ability. A gift is ordained by God and given for a very specific and unique reason for me.

Understanding that helped me refocus on His Plan placed for me and understand that the gifts given can be used anywhere were being used previously, albeit voluntarily or involuntarily.
Transitioning to being a co-leader of SHAPE this past fall was a great experience by seeing how God works through us to share His awesome message. A message of trust and care that He will has provided us with the tools to bring others to Him.  

There have been several breakthroughs from the SHAPE class, like the Giese family making plans to be the hands and feet for God’s kingdom by stepping out of their comfort zone to minister across the country.
Tamara Reedy is using her gift of Hospitality on Fort Gordon and around the community with Second Saturday!"

Lauren Kay

"Bill and I joined our first Precept Upon Precept class in August of 2017. It has been such a blessing to us both. Studying the Bible together wasn't something we knew how to approach as marriage partners. The class has opened the door for us to discuss God's word and what it means to us as a couple and to our family. This has strengthened not only our walk with the Lord individually but our marriage as well. We are so grateful to all of the instructors!  We had no clear idea of how to really study God's word when we started over a year ago and now we can't imagine it not being a part of our daily lives. Even our kids are diving into devotions and studies all on their own! Precepts has allowed us to truly lead by example!"




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