Life-change happens when people encounter Jesus Christ.


Annalisa Bodie

"In the past two and a half years my life has changed dramatically. I knew I needed Christ in my life so I joined a Bible study with girls who have become family. I’m ready to make the commitment to God to follow His plan for my life and walk His path."

Kaylee O'Steen

"For quite some time, I’ve wanted to be baptized, though I knew I wasn’t fully ready. I was never as involved in church as I should have been and it never held me like I thought it should before I finally said yes. Journey was a big factor in my decision. Finally I was excited to come to church and listen to God’s word. It was a way for me to hold onto it and understand it. Bobby always does such a great job of applying the lesson into my own life, and I think that was the most beneficial to me. So, now that I’ve gotten a better understanding of His word (though I still have so much to learn), I believe I’m finally ready to say yes and accept him as my Lord and Savior."

Amy Brahm

"With the support and love of my husband, Darin, I was able to “pull a Mary” and really and truly just sit at the feet of Jesus every single day this entire year studying His word, sometimes for many, many hours, slacking on housework and errands, just so I could meet with Him and develop a strong and loving and happy relationship with Him. I did not know what He was trying to do with me, but apparently He was equipping me for something much bigger than I could even imagine. My love for the word has grown in leaps and bounds in the past year, but my love for others has grown immensely also.

I love my church at Journey and I definitely have to admit that last year I had some hurt in my heart. I felt like nobody cared about us. I sent a message through a church staff person last year and I have regretted it since. I felt so badly at that point that we started to attend a few different churches last year.  But on one specific Sunday morning we were clear across town pulling into a church parking lot, and I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me so I told my husband to turn around because I felt we were supposed to be going back to Journey. I sent my online Bible group ladies a message to pray for us.  We walked into Journey’s service and I cried the entire service, the Holy Spirit covered me and God had convicted me!
My church loved me, but they had so many others they also needed to help. I NEEDED GOD TO HEAL ME, but I needed to learn that all on my own! Praise God!!

I am in no sense of the word, perfect. I know that I will never be able to attain perfection, but I do try my very best to live out the love of Christ now. I try to surround myself with good, Christian, God-loving people who are not afraid to talk about truth and to spread the gospel.

I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic church, but I had felt for several months that I was ready to be baptized at Journey to recommit myself to the Lord. I’m glad to say that I took baptism as my Next Step!"


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