Celebrate Recovery

Christ-centered recovery and healing.


Brian Collins

"My name is Brian and I have dealt with struggles in my life, and I am believer in Jesus Christ. Throughout my life I always thought that I was in control, that I did not need any help from anyone and that I knew what was best for me. After coming to Journey for quite some time I heard of the Celebrate Recovery program. At first I was reluctant to go; I was afraid of what people would think of me and it would be an admission of guilt that I was dealing with struggles. After building up enough courage to go, I quickly realized that I was wrong. I was never in control, God was. After turning all thing over to him, my life has changed tremendously. My marriage, my personal life, and my career have never been better. I owe all this to God and working the steps in my Celebrate Recovery program."

Claire Bearb

"I first came to Celebrate Recovery expecting to learn how to change my circumstances, but have since learned that I can change despite my circumstances. CR has given me the community support and tools I need in order to process through and heal from past hurt. Because of CR I am now able to stand firmly on the promises of God and live authentically with a purpose. This program has given me a renewed sense of my identity in Christ and has allowed me to experience His freedom for me."


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