Celebrate Recovery

Christ-centered recovery and healing.


Chad Hayes

"Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a program that provides a safe and welcoming environment to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a safe and God-centered environment. It provides structure and insight into my struggles with sin and The Enemy. However, it is more than that, as it also provides healing, worship, and support when I triumph over a character defect I am struggling with. The support I have received from my peers simply by them listening to me recount my struggles has helped me through one of the most difficult and trying times of my life. As I have continued my recovery, CR has taught me the value of listening to my peers and providing them with the same support that has been so imperative to my recovery. The inherent imperfections of the human condition are the barriers that separate us from Jesus. Celebrate Recovery has taught me how to remove the barriers, seek God, be obedient, trust others, and that even when I fail, God’s power and grace does not fail me."

Cheri Murrah

"Over the years of working with another program, I had heard about a Christian version but never pursued attending because of comments that “it wasn’t true to ‘our’ program”.  That statement was the opposite from the truth!!

New to Journey, it only took three months for me to step into CR. I am among broken, hurting people like myself that share a common love of Christ, acknowledging our need for His full redemption power in our lives. This offers the opportunity to  build valuable relationships and accountability partners in walking out our freedom in Christ.
Experiencing life together with other struggling believers using the foundational 8 Biblical principles along with the 12 steps is a safe place where pretenses can drop and honest steps forward are taken in order for true freedom to take place in our lives.

I have been so moved by the honor of being in a small group, working the steps over a year-long process. I am gleaning not only my own deeper freedom but also can encourage younger women on their own personal paths of being set free from the pain of the past with its hurtful habits and hangups. It really is better doing the work at their young ages than being in their 60’s like myself!
I do not hesitate one bit to say that CR is for anyone hurting whether from addictions or living with those that do have additions even a family line of such. CR would benefit anyone who cares to be further set free so they can walk in faith with Christ."

Eric Byron


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