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Engaging the world online.


Shanna Faw

"I have been attending online and studying with my best friend Amanda Frame. This past Sunday I decided it’s time. I have got to let go and let Jesus take the wheel completely!! It’s hard not being in control sometimes but we must trust and have faith that he will lead us in the right direction always!! I have never been baptized and need to be!! I feel at home with Journey and church is now a daily part of my life. I have never felt ready before but now I know I can’t wait. I have to open the door to Jesus and let Him in. I’m so glad that I found a place like Journey and I thank my friend for introducing me to it!"

Jasmine Stith

"Well I stayed connected online and even though I wasn’t able to connect physically. I felt connected spiritually and emotionally, but I wanted to do my part by serving and was able to join the chat host team."

Jennifer Mestres

"I like to chat host so I can pray with people, even if they never chat back, I can still pray for those I see logged in and for those that are watching. I have had a few prayer requests, but as a chat host I don't get to know how it turns out, but I know whatever the case is, God is in the situation and hopefully the person knows that and draws closer to Jesus."


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