Life is better together.


Stevie Bryant

"The last time our J-Group met, I questioned my purpose and one of our J-Group members said to me, "this (gesturing to everyone sitting around doing message questions) is because of you." And that is when it hit me; for almost 3 years I was a leader, and it was at first uncomfortable but it quickly became easy to just do life and get together every other week. We started with 3 people. It grew, and people had life happen, and the entire time we kept meeting. In the time that I was a leader, we watched members get married, start new jobs, survive deployments (both as the deployed and as a spouse of a deployed,) but we were also there for each other when we had family tragedy and life's stresses happen. I personally got married & had a baby all with my J-Group celebrating alongside my husband and I. I may not be the leader anymore (because of life) but because of our J-Group, introductions to lifelong friendships have happened, including 2 members that found love and are now married! And maybe all of these things would have happened without me or our J-Group but because of J-Group I got to have a front row seat and even better, be a part of the lives of incredible people. And along the way, we learned about Jesus and his love for us too!"

Jennifer Mestres

"In April 2019 ,we were in Savannah for my husband's work conference and we had to take our daughter to the hospital. She was admitted to the PICU in diabetic ketoacidosis with a blood glucose level of 535. We were able to get our son back to Evans through some friends and to the members of our J-Group. He stayed with them for a week until we were discharged. All it took was for me to call them and say 'we are in the hospital, can you take Zander?' and she said yes. I never had to worry about if my son was ok, I knew he would be with them. We were able to focus on getting our daughter well enough to be discharged. I love my J-Group and I am thankful for being on this journey with them."


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