Life is better together.


Jessica Iarocci

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to live out the gospel by being part of a J-Group. There is something special about Sundays and corporate worship and large crowds, but watching the Church (big C) play out in a living room creates an environment to not just tell others but show others they matter. Our group just recently decided to start meeting weekly, instead of every other week because God is moving. Holy Spirit shows up every single time in the most intimate and personal ways and we can't get enough. I love that Journey never pushes anything on you, never demands you meet requirements or check off boxes, but it simply sends an invitation that when we are ready to engage Journey is ready to connect you. I have to stop and think often about the unique story that brought each person into the room and will never be able to thank God enough for how he uses J-groups to bring us into closer relationships with others through HIM! "

Elisabeth Townley

"My husband, Bruce, and I started attending Journey 5 years ago, after his retirement from the military. We got connected in a J-Group soon after that, and have been involved in several over the past years. What I have most appreciated about J-groups is the opportunity to get to know, in the intimate atmosphere of the home, each other’s struggles, celebrations, praises, heartaches, personalities, and on and on. Basically, we are journeying through life together, holding each other up when we are challenged, and encouraging each other along the path. It is so good to know and be in relationships with other believers who look to Jesus for answers and strength. We are Jesus’s hands, heart, and light to each other. We pray for each other, we talk with each other, we practice the “one anothers” found in Scripture, and we study and serve together. Just this morning I got a text from someone who has moved out of the area, letting me know she was praying for me. She was in my J-group. That is the way it works—you make friendships that last a lifetime, and will be culminated one day in heaven! I cannot imagine my life without J-Group. It really is a key way a big church like Journey is able to remain intimate."

Glenn O'Steen

"Around Journey, we always hear Bobby and church leadership talking about doing life together, but until we started our J-Group I never really understood the impact this can have upon your life.  Doing life together is more than meeting up weekly or biweekly and having a bible study, going out to eat, or hanging out at church together. Doing life together is sharing your heart with folks that fight the battles of life with you. In Galatians 6:2 Paul says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”. Knowing you have a group of like-minded Christians praying for you and helping carry your burdens is amazing. Doing life together with an intimate group of friends goes far beyond studying God’s word. Doing life together is about sharing your heart, discussing your problems, and caring for others; knowing that while doing these things, others are doing the same for you."

Jennifer Willis

"Stepping out of our comfort zone to host a group was VERY scary. It was nerve-wracking, I was nervous. I could have never dreamed or imagined the incredible adventure that was beginning. In the two years we have been together we have experienced the highs and lows, including the very high and the very low. We have walked together through family deaths, illnesses, a new marriage, a new baby, car accidents, job struggles...the everyday real life events that make life enjoyable or tough. We have supported one another while serving others along the way. We've studied God's word, and encouraged one another in a deeper walk with him. And now, as we prepare to welcome two more babies, I honestly CANNOT imagine living life without this group of individuals, this group of friends, family, by my side."


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