Journey Student Ministry

Engaging students in the process of knowing Jesus.


Madi Giese (Middle School Student)

“When we first went to the apartment complex in West Virginia, the first thing I noticed is that a lot of the kids didn’t have shoes. When we came home, I kept thinking about how these kids needed and deserved a nice, new pair of shoes. So I talked to Patrick and then we raised enough money in the church to give all the kids in the apartments not one, but THREE new pairs of shoes!”

Brittany Matthews (High School Student)

“I felt the most hope for my generation’s future at Passion 2020. The well-known, incredibly renowned speakers all touched on the subject of turning to God’s Word when faced with a problem. Hearing over 65,000 young adults agree whole-heartedly with these speakers, while praising his name, was an amazing way to ring in this new decade.”




students and leaders
on the mission field


students and leaders
at Winter Camp


students and leaders
at Fusion

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