Engaging kids and families in the process of knowing Jesus.


Jennifer Hubbard (and daughter Hazel)

"Hazel definitely loves clubhouse and class! She will sing the songs, tell me about the craft. I sometimes sneak a peak between services and she’s super into whatever they are doing. It’s great to get their little minds engaged as they can understand more than we think and she has responded really well!"

Heather Rawls (and son Elijah)

"Yes, Elijah loves going to The Clubhouse! I just noticed this morning, he grabbed my yoga block climbed up and started singing 'woooah wooooah can't stop singing!' Which I've also heard the girls sing, and he joins in on "church clap" regularly. As for the Bible stories I still don't get much out of him, but he did talk a bit about Moses in the water recently. The singing he definitely brings home, though!"

Jeffrey Harbin

“Personally, I am very happy with the little 'Dance Party' corner of ministry. I feel like it's a wonderful way to allow some of the kids to get some extra energy out and avoid the disruptiveness that can come as an effect of sitting through the same lessons multiple times. It's great getting to know some of the regulars on a closer level, and to have been able to establish a friendship with a few that makes it a much easier transition from parents to class. All in all, Sarah and I feel very blessed to have been asked to serve in this area and even though it might still be in its infancy, we are excited to see how it grows and develops.”

Carley Frohling (and son Will)

What does it mean when we say that JourneyLand likes to partner with parents? It looks different for each family.  Here’s one example: Carley Frohling is a partner, Bible study leader, and volunteer who also has three kids who attend JourneyLand. Her oldest, Will, is a 2nd grader who participates in Uptown. Will is smart, funny, often skeptical and he definitely has a personality all his own. Carley has shared with us some of the challenges that Will faces. Like many other JourneyLand kids, Will benefits from a little extra awareness from and purposeful interaction with our leaders. Our team loves Will!  

In August, Carley shared with us that Will was super excited to attend our camp (JourneyLand Outdoors), but she had concerns about him going. Some were the same concerns every parent has about sending a 2nd grader to camp for the first time, but others were bigger and more direct. After meeting and discussing her general and specific concerns, she and her husband decided to sign Will up for camp. We had some follow-up communication in which she provided us with helpful information that helped us tailor Will’s camp experience. Will joined us for JLO 2018 and he had a terrific time. Will was amazing, and he was awarded the C.A.R.E. award as the most outstanding 2nd grade boy camper.  “Will was beaming for days and days after coming home from camp. He had SO much fun and was so proud of his award,” says Carley.

Since returning from camp Carley has continued partnering with us by offering feedback on how Will responds to our events and programing. She has also encouraged (and been encouraged by) Will’s participation. Will is a deep thinker who doesn’t accept information simply because someone says it. We were all excited to have Will join our Kids Access group (The Bible Project for Kids) and his response to that group has Carley excited for us to offer additional Kids Access groups in the future. “JourneyLand has been a wonderful help. Not only has the team helped reassure me of some concerns about the camp, but has been encouraging me to keep sharing our faith.. even to a little skeptical, matter-of-fact boy like Will. We’re grateful for Journey and look forward to all our kids learning more about how much God loves us.”


kids baptized


kids at JLX


kids at JLO


kids dedicated

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